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How do we get connected, and how will you help me?


I’m glad you asked!


I use Zoom as my communication platform of choice.  It’s free, and the company is very fast on updates to keep the software bug free and secure.  If you have not used Zoom before, I've included a link below to guide you through the setup and installation process so we can get connected. 

How will you diagnose and fix my problem?
When it comes time for me to work on your machine, Zoom will allow “you” to grant “me” access to your computer for diagnosis and repairs. I will be discussing with you what I’m going to do, and also guiding you through the repair process, along with some education around the issue. Throughout the whole process, we will remain connected via video and audio.

How to Prepare for our first appointment?

How do I get an appointment?

  1. Book an appointment by either using the “Book Now" button in the top right-hand corner of this website, or from the Mac On Trak Facebook Page.

  2. Select your booking time, fill in your contact details, follow the link to a short questionnaire and leave me a detailed message on how I can help you best.

  3. You will receive an email with the details of your appointment and the Zoom link to connect us.

  4. I will review the questionnaire, the booking time and also confirm your free 15-minute consultation.

  5. On the day of the appointment, click on the Zoom link, 5 minutes prior to your appointment time and you will be admitted into the waiting room, and then I will let you in at our time.

  6. We will have a quick meet and greet to discuss your message and how I feel I can best help you. I will also document part of what is being discussed, some technical information about your product, and its current operating system.

  7. To finish, we will discuss a rough quote, the approximate time required to resolve your issue, and book our next appointment if you’d like to proceed.

And that’s it!

Mac On Trak
Mac On Trak

Frequently Asked Questions

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